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Anti Aging Skin Care Tips

Anti aging skin care why bother using one?

We practically know that the process of aging is an unstoppable natural process, using anti aging skin care to lessen the effects of aging would be one way to help you keep your skin looking good.

The aging process and its causes

Two processes are involved in aging. The first element that causes aging would be the internal or intrinsic factor that involves the genes that naturally aged as the years go by and the external factors or the environment that have harmful effects in our skin thus causing the aging process.

Intrinsic Aging Factors

The internal process of aging into your genes will not be prevented even if you use anti aging skin care at an early age. As a person approaches mid twenties the natural aging process of the skin commence, this will result in the reduced elasticity of the skin and the degrees reproduction of breast cells including the slowing down of shedding of the dead skin cells. The signs of this aging will not be visible until the person approaches late forties or fifties, these signs will appear as fine wrinkles hollowing cheeks and sockets in your eye.

This aging process is naturally occurring in your genes as what your predecessor have undergone themselves. There are people that are so lucky due to the fact that their skin has a naturally youthful glow even as they aged while other are not so lucky having wrinkle prunes.

The External Aging Process

Controlling the natural process of aging can now be done through the use of anti aging skin care products like phytoceramides along with precautionary measures. Naturally, sun exposure will dry out your skin and inevitably cause wrinkles so going out in the open without the proper skin protection even on cloudy days is not a very wise thing to do. Sun beds are a big no for anti aging. During a strong wind, wrapping your face with a scarf is a good idea to protect it from the harsh effects of the wind. Smoking is a big no to prevent skin aging so if you are a smoker, stopping will be a good idea. Avoid the habitual act of facial contortions like facial exercises as this will only increase wrinkles that forms on your skin.

Another external Factor affecting aging would be gravity. If you will look at old people, you will eventually notice how the pull of gravity affects the aging of their skin. The gravity that affect aging could not be prevented however with an early anti-aging skin care regime you can diminish this aging effect.
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